Friday, April 18, 2008

love dance of the newly collared slave girl

girl makes her first attempt at dancing here. she hopes it pleases her Jarl. any comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome from all.

girl stands quietly before her Jarl, the heat of the fire warming her skin, a subtle glow brushing her cheeks. girl's emerald eyes lowered to her Jarl's boot, copper curls tumbled about her shoulders, cascading down the curve of her back, coming to rest at her tiny waist. girl is clad only in a short scrap of silk at her waist, barely covering the curve of her bottom, the warmth of her heat. her throat is adorned with the collar of her Jarl, gleaming in the firelight, it's weight a constant reminder she is owned.

as the music starts, drums beating, girl feels the rhythm inside her, the pounding of her heart loud in her ears. girl tears the scrap of silk from her waist, letting it drift slowly to the floor, her tiny feet remain close together, as if chained at her ankles, supple arms extend slowly above her head, wrists together, palms facing out as if chained. girl's mouth curves upward in a smile for her Jarl as she begins to move, slowly swaying to the beat of the drums. girl lifts her face, eyes drifting closed, delicate features smooth, lips parting slightly as her arms sway gently above her head. girl begins turning, tiny steps in a circle, round bottom swaying, lustrous curls drifting about her in a cloud of fire. girl feels her heat growing inside her, slowly lowers her lithe arms, extending her hands, wrists still close together as if chained, palms raised toward her Jarl. girl falls to her knees at His boot, bending at the waist, the long curve of her back exposed, glorious locks pooling about His feet, she lays her lips upon His feet.

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